Timeline of the Nayoran Peninsula

AN 1     King Elden Nayor unites the Eight Kingdoms of the north. The Nayoran Calendar begins.

AN 11     Elden Nayor builds the first castle on The Stone.

AN 310     Nithia's first incursion into Nayoran lands begins 200 years of war between Nithia and Elden Nayor.

AN 395     The Battle of Murne. Lord Belden Kemp distinguishes himself against the Nithians.

c. AN 500     First written account of mages bearing black-stained hands.

AN 522     Nithia defeated by Galden III Nayor. Nithian Marshals bow before the King; Nith is sacked.

AN 620     The mage Sadu Blackhand takes The Stone. He is dead before the end of the day.

AN 640     The Order of the Black Palm takes The Stone in a day, is defeated by the end of the week.

AN 746     First recorded written use of the name "Etherine Order."

AN 761     The Chained Isles are chained by the Etherine Order. This date is generally considered the beginning of the Age of High Sorcery.

AN 791     The First Nithian Rebellion is put down with the aid of the Etherine Order.

AN 832     The Time Tower of Gilmaran and the Great Gate of Ceresia are built by the Etherine Order.

AN 848     Aldeth Nayor (the Builder) dies with no sons (his daughter, Eveline, is only 15 years of age). Aiden Rotswald ascends the throne, ending more than 800 years of rule by House Nayor and marking the beginning of the Rotswald Dynasty.

AN 875     The Winter Rebellion: Rogue Etherine take The Stone, but depart by the end of the month.

AN 879     As penance for the Winter Rebels, the Order builds the Queensbridge at Nayor’s Stone.

AN 895     The Queensbridge at Niemarsh is built by the Etherine Order.

AN 899     The Queensbridge at Nottsbridge is built by the Etherine Order.

AN 919     Larkin Albareen is born.

AN 956     Larkin Albareen begins Albareen rule of Elden Nayor.

AN 957     Magic declared illegal throughout the Nayoran Peninsula. The Age of High Sorcery comes to an end.

AN 959     The Second Nithian Rebellion. The Nithian Forest is established as a semi-permanent border.

AN 1144     King Kieran III Albareen dies. His 17-year-old son, Kieran IV, is accused of illegitimacy, igniting controversy over his succession. Soren Anduval, Duke of Nottsbridge, makes a violent play for the throne but is defeated.

AN 1145     King Kieran IV Albareen destroys the Queensbridge at Nottsbridge.

AN 1173     Gavin Albareen born.

AN 1193     Cedric Albareen born.

AN 1207     The Northern Thanes form an alliance. Civil war ensues in Ceres Nayor for the next 38 years.

AN 1218     Barnard Albareen born.

AN 1238     Barnard crowned King; marries Delia.

AN 1245     The Peace of Nayor signed. The Northern Thanes are subdued. King Vico Lombardosian becomes monarch of a unified Ceres Nayor.

AN 1246     Queen Delia dies. Barnard marries Mariss.

AN 1248    Gwendoline Albareen is born.

AN 1250     Miles Wrotham’s wife, Merewen, and son, Caeden, are killed.

AN 1252     Malcolm and Jerrith Albareen are born.

AN 1253     Mariss Albareen disappears, is presumed dead.