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An ancient family, House Niemarsh traces its lineage from Nithia in the generations before the establishment of the Eight Kingdoms of the North (which were subsequently unified by King Elden Nayor in AN 1).

Ruling from Gilmaran, seat of the duchy, House Niemarsh controls a wide portfolio of goods and services vital to the prosperity of the realm. Their Queensbridge is key to this prosperity.

Built in AN 895, the vast bridge spans the Queen, the mighty central river of the Nayoran Peninsula. Along with the Queensbridge at Nayor's Stone, it is one of only two such bridges still in existence (the third, at Nottsbridge, was destroyed in AN 1145).

Possessing two edifices from the Age of High Sorcery (the Queensbridge and the Time Tower, constructed in the central square in AN 832), Gilmaran is second in importance only to Nayor's Stone as a hub of commerce and politics.

House Niemarsh is currently ruled by Duke Varden Niemarsh, who, along with his son, Aaron, are among the most politically influential nobles in Elden Nayor.