Wayland Crest.jpg

The duchy of Wayland, ruled by House MaGeill, is a bleak swath of land stretching across nearly the entire northern coast of Elden Nayor. Its inhabitants are largely poor, unskilled and uneducated: tenders of sheep, cold-water fishermen, and farmers of what few crops can withstand the bitter cold of northern winters.

Wayland has thus long been regarded as a backwater, far removed from noble concerns and contributing little to the realm besides wool. House MaGeill has enjoyed a long and comfortable reign in these lands, however, and Wayland is among the most historically stable fiefdoms of Elden Nayor.

One possible reason for such tranquility is the easing of class distinctions characteristic of the north: Wayland stands nearly alone amongst noble Houses in its close relations with the commonfolk of the duchy. It is a familiar sight to see lords of the House engaged in falconry, or hunting, or simply partaking of a meal, with their lowborn neighbors. Unique also among these nobles is their use of the common vernacular (which perpetuates their unrefined reputation among other Houses).

It is thus unsurprising that House MaGeill does not field Paladine. The notion of a mounted cavalry soldier, tromping through snow and ice in full plate armor and elaborate barding, was long ago dismissed in favor of more terrain-appropriate forces.

Serving in their stead is the Wayl Guard. This cadre, comprising lowborn and highborn alike, is renowned for producing the finest archers in Elden Nayor (surpassing even the celebrated musters of Kemp). Another point of distinction is that they are continually operational, unlike the Paladine of most other Houses. In peacetime they serve the villages and cities of Wayland, mending fences, patrolling the eastern border, and hunting the predatory animals that would otherwise pose a constant danger.

The current Duke of Wayland, Colim MaGeill, is considered a strong supporter of the Albareen, due in part to his longstanding friendship with King Barnard's second wife, Mariss. The disappearance (and presumed death) of Mariss in AN 1253 seems only to have deepened the personal bond between Duke MaGeill and the aging Albareen patriarch.

Among the Duke's household are his wife, Wintifrid and a single daughter, Kemma.