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Until AN 1245, House Lombardosian was merely one of many noble factions in the lands south of the Queen. The signing of the Peace of Nayor in that year marked both the subjugation of the rival thanes of the region and the unification of Ceres Nayor as a single kingdom.

Vico Lombardosian, patriarch of his House and King of Ceres Nayor, is credited with bringing this unification without bloodshed. He is also praised for improving Ceresian relations with Elden Nayor and the Elibian Empire to the east.

Vico Lombardosian's lifelong vision of a unified Nayor is well known; achieving the Peace of Nayor is widely held to be but a step toward that goal. The political implications of King Vico's dream have resulted in a tense undertone to the otherwise cordial relations between himself and House Albareen.

Other notable members of the current House Lombardosian are Vico's wife, Sona Lombardosian, and their daughter, Alisia. The capital of Ceres Nayor is the ancient city of Ceresia, which lies along the southern coast of the Nayoran Peninsula. Its Great Gate, completed by the Etherine Order in AN 832, is among the most majestic works of the Age of High Sorcery.