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House Kemp traces its ascendancy to AN 310, with the first Nithian military incursions west of the Nithian Forest.

Situated in the hardscrabble northeastern corner of the Eight Kingdoms of the North and sworn to House Langren, the minor nobles of House Kemp were generally ignored by the other great Houses of the realm.

All that changed in AN 395, when Lord Belden Kemp rallied what remained of the Nayoran forces to achieve a major victory at the Battle of Murne. The battle halted the momentum of the Nithian army, which had previously seemed poised to conquer the entirety of Nayor.

Intermittent skirmishes and even large-scale engagements between Nayoran and Nithian forces would continue for another century, but the Nithians never again achieved significant advantage.

For his valor, Lord Kemp was granted a wide swath of land bordering the Nithian Forest (which lay vacant; Nithian soldiers had put every living member of House Langren to the sword). Along with the lands came the title First Earl of Kemp, and the ongoing task of keeping the Nithians at bay.

This task has defined House Kemp ever since. Apolitical and insular, the House traditionally delivers superior fighting stock for the musters of Elden Nayor. The Paladine of Kemp are likewise reputed for their hardiness, their discipline, and their horsemanship.

Notable figures of House Kemp include Belden Kemp (see above); and, more recently, the late Louis of Kemp (AN 1245–1265), whose untimely death in a hunting accident puts the future of this stalwart House into question.