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House Hanlan is a relatively young noble house, having ascended to the rulership of the Duchy of Norris only within recent generations (House Norris itself being extinct). The lands of Norris lie in the heart of Elden Nayor; the River Smalding is their chief geographical feature.

The current matriarch of House Hanlan, Mardetta Hanlan-Cavish, Fourth Duchess of Norris, wields considerable power. Her fiefdom provides both crops and manufactured goods for the entirety of Elden Nayor, and under her cautious stewardship Norris has added to its territories (primarily by pushing south into the neighboring lands of Nottsbridge).

Duchess Hanlan-Cavish—"Mags," as she is called among her circle of intimates—is childless, and a widow. As a result, her nephew, First Regent Garret Hanlan, is considered her most likely successor.

House Hanlan rules from the Keep at Tirvallen, but they reside at their ancestral home of Park Hanli during the majority of the year.