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The current rulers of Elden Nayor, House Albareen rose to power in AN 956, when Larkin Albareen ascended the throne (ending the 108-year rule of House Rotswald). The inception of their rule coincided with the end of the Age of High Sorcery, and the outlawing of magic throughout the realm.

The Albareen rule from Nayor's Stone, the largest and most important city in Elden Nayor. Its Queensbridge, constructed by the Etherine Order in AN 879, was the first of its kind, and still serves as a major conduit for goods and travelers.

The royal palace of the Albareen, The Stone, was constructed over several generations, beginning c. AN 11. It has served as the seat of power through three ruling families: House Nayor (AN 1 – AN 848); House Rotswald (AN 848 – AN 956); and House Albareen (AN 956 – present).

Notable figures of House Albareen include Larkin Albareen (b. AN 919), first Albareen ruler of Elden Nayor; Kieran IV Albareen (b. AN 1127), during whose reign the Queensbridge at Nottsbridge was destroyed; and Barnard I Albareen, who signed the Peace of Nayor in AN 1245.

The most recent generation of Albareen include Gwendoline (b. AN 1248) and twin sons Malcolm and Jerrith (b. AN 1252).