A fascinating combination of interesting characters, imagination, and intense story lines!
— Amazon.com review
Excellent start to a series; I cannot wait for the sequel!
— Amazon.com review
…favorite indie fantasy I’ve read thus far. This was an amazing read!
— Goodreads review
…a delicious escape—I could not put it down!
— Amazon.com review

For three centuries House Albareen has ruled the Nayoran Peninsula, enduring through invasions, uprisings and the endless machinations of the highborn.

Now the Albareen siblings—Gwendoline, Malcolm and Jerrith—face their most desperate hour. Their father, the king, is in decline. Rival Houses plot to seize the throne. A cabal of mages, outlawed and persecuted, grows closer to re-discovering their ancient strength—and with it, the power to conquer the Peninsula. Or to destroy it.

Blood of the Realm is the first novel in The Nayoran Saga, an epic fantasy series by Lee Sanders & Michael McNelly. It is available now in e-book form.